Spook Music Digital Recording Studio
Spook Music has now moved to a purpose built studio in Lossiemouth. The new facility has a live room and vocal booth and boasts an acoustic piano. Central to the control room is a Sony DMX R 100 digital mixer providing 48 tracks of digital recording. You won't find racks and racks of outboard processors in the studio-we have a very good mixing desk instead! The DMX console has dynamics and EQ on each of it's 48 channels Tracks are recorded to an alesis HD 24 hard disk recorder and mixed down and mastered using Waves Platinum Bundle.
We also offer a full mastering service for that final commercial finish.
Sound engineer, Stu Richardson, has been trained by one of the best soundmen in Scotland and brings a wealth of experience to the recording process.
All of BedHead's recordings have been made and mastered here at Spook Music, with the exception of their live CD, which was recorded at Grannie's Heilan Hame and mastered in the studio.
Spook Music can also produce full backing tracks for live performance in either MIDI, minidisc or CD formats, all in the key of your choice.
All of this at prices that won't break the bank.
If you wish to hear some examples of tracks recorded at Spook Music, click on the links on the left. Please note: these are MP3 tracks and can take some time to download if you do not have broadband.
Please call us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.
Mobile 24 bit Digital Recording
Artists Recorded
At Spook Music
Looking for an unusual and unique gift?

Why not record yourself singing your loved one's favourite song with a professional backing track? We will record you and produce a CD with the photos and artwork of your choice.
All for a one-off fee of 50. Call for details.
We can also offer a CD wedding invitation package. You can record a message of your own which we will place on a CD for you with the artwork of your choice.
If you have loved ones abroad, you can record a message to them, add the music and pictures of your choice and send to them as a reminder of home.
Spook Music also has a mobile 24 bit recording studio, which enables us to come to you if you cannot make it to the studio.
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Call Now on: 01343 811307
Mobile: 07810 405087

Sony DMX R100 Digital Mixing Consol
Yamaha MX400 Analogue Mixing Console

Recording Media

Alesis HD24 Hard Disk Recorder
Alesis ADAT
M-Audio 1010 DAW
Studer J37 4 track (Ex Abbey Road)


6 x Alesis Monitor One Mk 2


Yamaha QY700 Hardeware Sequencer
Korg Electribe A


Yamaha Clavinova
Upright Acoustic Piano


Shure SM 57/58
Electrovoice ND 87
D12 Bass Drum Mic
Sontronics Orpheus Condenser
Behringer Stereo Pair
SE Electronics 2200

Effects Outboard

Lexicon, Roland, Alesis, Behringer,
Line 6 Pod


64 bit PC with M-Audio 1010
Waves Platinum Bundle
IsotopeOzone 3
Cubase SX
Sound Forge 6


Daion 78 Heritage Acoustic Guitar
Harly Benton Acoustic
Crafter Electric Mandolin
Ex Corrie's Classical Guitar
Wesly 4 String Bass Giutar
Washburn Banjo
Tanglewood Electro-Acoustic
Epiphone Les Paul
Boston 5 Piece Drum Kit


Standard recording is from 15 per hour. If you book a day the cost will be 50 plus 10 per track mixing and mastering.

Mastering is 150 per album or 15 per hour for single tracks. If we cannot improve your recording then you don't pay.

Rehearsal space is available in the evening and weekends and costs 10 per hour if you have your own equipment and 20 per hour iif you use ours. Drums, bass and guitars are available.
Top to bottom: 1. MOTU Digital Timepiece. 2. Fostex Digital Audio Patchbay. 3. Alesis HD24 24 Track Hard Disk Recorder. 4. Alesis 8 Track ADAT. 5. Furman Power Conditioner.
Top to bottom: 1. Headphone Amp. 2. Alesis Quadroverb
3. Roland DEP5. 4. Patchbay. 5. Behringer Virtualiser.
6. Patchbay.
Yamaha MX400 Analogue Mixer
Sony DMX R100 48 Channel Digital Mixer